Darts Calculator

A multi-language darts calculator based on JavaScript & PHP with powerful statistics.

About this web application

Short described why I did what I did.

I wrote this web application because I was initially looking for a darts calculator that counts the points from 501. Of course, I found some in the internet, but most of them I disliked because of things like, you had to count your own throws together and then input the values to the calculator. Others I simply disliked by the design, so I decided to write my own application.

In the beginning, there was only a local darts-calculator without statistics. Then I started to implement some statistics and made these accessible from anywhere via account. With that base if asked some colleagues for suggestions and feedback and I implemented a lot of that feedback I received, like comparing with others or customizable statistics views. Finally, I added the practice mode, because that’s something what’s missing on other Darts-Calculators I guess.



Including the classic game mode 501 - Double-Out, but also freely selectable combination of 301-501 points with Straight-Out, Double Out or Double-In Double Out.


This application supports natively every language if a translation file exists.


There are 4 included practice modes, Around the Clock in different variants, 99 Darts on X, Bob's 27 and Random Checkout.


An account can be created to have statistics always available everywhere. It is also possible to play locally without an account!


Extensive, customizable statistics showing the current darts performance and showing where air is still up.


You decide which data you want to transfer and which not. Also which data you want to delete and which not.


Contact me via these ways or via Contact system inside the application.